Thursday, April 09, 2020


About Boone Exploration


Boone Exploration - Huntsville, TX

Boone Exploration, Inc. operating in the Continental U.S. provides land, transition zone, and shallow water seismic acquisition services to the crude oil and natural gas exploration and production companies.

With numerous operating recording systems - from the Sercel/Opseis Eagle 88’s to the new Geospace GSX continuous autonomous recording system, and a compliment of 25,000 channels worth of equipment - Boone can handle all your 2D and 3D seismic acquisition conditions.

In an effort to stay ahead of future demands in the geophysical industry, we are constantly upgrading seismic technology and acquisition techniques while maintaining the same staff of quality employees who are second to none.

All of our recording systems are equipped with the latest electronics to enhance data recovery and provide our clients with multiple ways to receive and store their data.

Our recording systems are further complimented by 12 highland drill buggy sets, 25 man portable mini rigs, and 6 all terrain truck-mounted 40,000 lb. vibrators with Seismic Source Force II Vibe electronics.

With this host of specialized equipment and experienced personnel, Boone Exploration Inc. is able to perform seismic operation in challenging and environmentally sensitive areas that were previously off limits.  Download Company Brochure.




The Boone Family started building a solid client base in the Gulf Coast Region in 1985, with the purchase of an Opseis 5500 Telemetry System. 

Just three years later they purchased the first Opseis 5586 Telemetry System sold in the United States from the manufacturer – Applied Automation Inc./Opseis. 

In June 1996, the Company accepted delivery of the first of two, 24-bit Opseis Eagle Radio Telemetry Seismic Acquisition Systems and in 2003 purchased a new Opseis Eagle 88 System with over 7000 channels and three recording systems. 

At the beginning of 2013, Boone Exploration, Inc. started a NEW ERA for its clients, with the acquisition of the new Geospace GSX continuous autonomous recording system.  This system makes the quest for quality seismic data limitless.  Our goal has always been to utilize the latest technology to make the search for oil and gas easier and more profitable for our clients.

Boone Exploration, Inc. corporate headquarters are located in Huntsville, Texas. When planning your next 2D or 3D - large or small seismic programs, please consider Boone Exploration, Inc.