Thursday, April 09, 2020



The senior management of Boone Exploration, Inc. is unwavering in its’ commitment to promote safe and healthy working conditions and attitudes within the Company;

It is the responsibility of:
Management to establish and maintain adequate standards of operations, maintenance and equipment to insure that physical and health hazards are guarded against or eliminated. To develop work procedures conductive to industrial accident and disease free production.

Every supervisory employee to insure that his subordinates are trained in proper work procedures to obtain optimal output without accidents and industrial disease; and to enforce the observation by employees of proper work methods and all pertinent regulations.

Every employee to follow proper work duty procedures; to observe all regulations pertaining to his work, and to cooperate in attaining the objective of accident and industrial disease free production.

The Senior Management’s intention is to systematically direct the progress of Boone Exploration, Inc. Safety Programs into sustainable Safety Management Systems that integrate Safety, Health and Environmental management processes with Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement.

Our process is designed to identify and reduce actual and potential risks to the environmental and ourselves, such as the causes of injuries, fires, spills, property damage, equipment and materials losses, production losses and interruptions, while increasing profitability through enhanced performance.

All Employees and Contractors will practice proper waste management and containment of hazardous materials.

We would be happy to provide additional information on our HSE upon request: just email us.